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Subscriber legal services of the enterprise (outsourcing) the type of advocacy – is a comprehensive provision of legal services to enterprises on a regular basis for solving legal issues arising in the process of economic activity of the enterprise. You have the opportunity at any time with a significant discount to get legal services that you are interested in.

By cooperating with a lawyer, you get the following benefits:

  • Growth of business profitability – a significant reduction in the cost of creating and maintaining additional jobs and specialists; Also, these costs are included in gross expenses in determining the tax base;
  • Attracting someone else’s experience – lawyers specialize in a particular type of activity and serve a large number of firms, enabling them to thoroughly understand all current issues and use the experience gained;
  • Reliability and stability – we are responsible for the work we carry out in accordance with the service agreement and current legislation;
  • Flexibility in scale of business – with the increase (reduction) of business scales, the enterprise will need to hire employees, bear the costs of their training, equipment for the workplace, pay additional taxes, compensations, etc., which takes time and additional costs and can lead to reduced business mobility. and rising costs. We will replace all these inconveniences by looking at the cost of outsourced services.
  • You receive a guarantee of timely receipt of qualified legal aid for a fixed monthly fee;

The client is assigned a personal, responsible specialist lawyer.

The list of legal services is not exhaustive and can be supplemented or extended:

  • Oral and written legal advice;
  • Preparation of written legal opinions;
  • Provision of customer standard regulatory material;
  • Checking and legal analysis of legal documentation, constituent documents, contracts, etc .;
  • Development of legal documents and contractual work (drafting, examination, examination), legal analysis and making recommendations on amendments, conclusions about legal risks;
  • Preparation of requests, information letters to state authorities and local self-government;
  • Legal support of transactions;
  • Representation of interests in administrative and controlling state bodies;
  • Representation in negotiations with partners, preparation of documentation;
  • Support of registration of legal entities, representative offices, changes in constituent documents;
  • Legal support of personnel work;
  • Assessment of the judicial prospect of a case and the provision of a written opinion;
  • Claim work and preparation of recommendations;
  • Emergency departure, if necessary.

The lawyer offers cooperation in the following forms:

  • Conclusion of a contract for subscriber legal services;
  • Order of one-time services on the terms of hourly payment;
  • One-time order service on fixed terms.

How is subscriber legal service carried out?

After the signing of the agreement on subscriber legal services for a client, a responsible lawyer specializing in legal support and general coordination of other company’s specialists in the interests of the client is assigned.

The Client identifies an authorized person to engage with a lawyer and a responsible specialist.

Contact and information is transmitted through personal meetings, telephone calls, e-mail, fax, and other communication sources.

You can choose a subscriber legal service package that suits you best and best suits your needs. Subscriber legal services of companies include integrated legal support, with the exception of legal services that have a fixed cost.

Contract for subscriber legal services is concluded for a period of not less than 3 months.

The payment is made in the order of prepayment.

At the end of each month a client is provided with a written report on the work done.

By signing an agreement on subscriber legal services, you receive substantial discounts on other legal services provided by a lawyer during the whole term of the subscriber’s contract.

By entering into a contract for subscriber legal services you receive a 20% discount when paying fixed-value legal services.

Within the framework of the contract on subscriber legal services of enterprises there is no representation of interests in the courts, supervision at the stage of enforcement proceedings, representation of the interests of the enterprise before third parties. These services are provided on the basis of separate contracts.

Subscriber legal services of the enterprises gives our clients the opportunity to receive legal assistance at any time, as well as on weekends and holidays.

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