Legal support of business

Legal maintenance of organizations – one of the priority directions of activity. The lawyer and his partners have many years of experience in legal services and business support. At the same time, you receive a range of qualified legal services.

You are offered a whole range of legal services and other related services related to business activities and the protection of business interests of legal entities and individuals – entrepreneurs on a permanent and occasional basis, namely:

  • Consultations on legal issues;
  • Information legal support (normative materials, background information);
  • Development and legal examination of contracts, contracts, corporate documents;
  • Preparation, drawing up and submission of applications, claims, actions;
  • Participation in negotiations with third parties;
  • Representation of interests in state authorities and local self-government;
  • Departure to the client, if necessary, during the inspection of the company by the controlling;
  • Conduct of the case in courts and at the stage of enforcement proceedings;
  • Consultations on questions of conducting and statement of personnel records;
  • Optimization of taxation;
  • Registration actions (registration of enterprises, registration of representative offices of foreign companies, amendments to constituent documents, etc.);
  • Legal support of real estate transactions, state registration of rights to real estate;
  • Study case materials and assessment of judicial perspective.

You yourself choose the list and the amount of services you need.

Pros of legal support of business:

  • Qualified negotiation;
  • The practical experience of lawyers and lawyers allows you to solve a variety of tasks;
  • Non disclosure of customer information, private access to company information;
  • Contractual regulation of relationships;
  • Saving money due to the lack of problems related to the maintenance of its own legal department.
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